Jeff Buckley Mystery White Boy Live 95-96

Mystery White Boy Live 95-96 is a live album by alternative rock singer songwriter Jeff Buckley which has been compiled by his mother after his death from recordings made on the tour to promote Grace.

Jeff Buckley Mystery White Boy Live 95-96

Jeff Buckley Mystery White Boy Live 95-96

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Set List

Dream Brother – 8:50
I Woke Up in a Strange Place – 5:05
Mojo Pin – 6:06
Lilac Wine – 5:19
What Will You Say – 7:35
Last Goodbye – 4:58
Eternal Life – 5:58
Grace – 5:39
Moodswing Whiskey – 5:36
The Man That Got Away – 3:47
Kanga Roo – 10:23
Hallelujah/I Know It’s Over – 9:17

There is something very compelling about listening to the angst in Jeff Buckley’s songs. It’s not an album to play to cheer yourself up but it may suit your mood when you’re down.

What Other People Say About Mystery White Boy

Wikipedia indicates that this is by far the most successful live album by Jeff Buckley in terms of chart positions.

I’ve seen it included in one best live albums ever list:

NME    22

There are mixed reactions at Amazon


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