They Might Be Giants Flood Live In Australia

Flood Live In Australia is a new live album by They Might Be Giants.

Even better, it is being given away free at their website (see below).

Flood was originally released in 1990 so 2015 is the year when They Might be Giants are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their third and most successful album.

The studio version of Flood peaked at #14 in the US album charts and has been certified as platinum in the States. This is the only TMBGs album to achieve this level of success.

The Original Studio Version Of Flood

Theme From Flood – 0:27
Birdhouse In Your Soul – 3:18
Lucky Ball And Chain – 2:46
Istanbul – 2:33
Dead – 2:58
Your Racist Friend – 2:55
Particle Man – 1:55
Twisting – 1:55
We Want A Rock – 2:47
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair – 2:23
Hearing Aid – 3:26
Minimum Wage – 0:46
Letterbox – 1:25
Whistling In The Dark – 3:25
Hot Cha – 1:34
Women & Men – 1:46
Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love – 1:36
They Might Be Giants – 2:42
Road Movie To Berlin – 2:22

Flood Live In Australia

This plays the songs in reverse order.

Road Movie To Berlin – 3:02
They Might Be Giants – 2:25
Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love – 1:36
Women & Men – 1:39
Hot Cha – 1:36
Whistling In The Dark – 2:51
Letterbox – 1:23
Minimum Wage – 0:43
Hearing Aid – 3:01
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair – 2:27
We Want A Rock – 2:41
Twisting – 1:58
Particle Man – 3:39
Your Racist Friend – 2:53
Dead – 3:26
Istanbul – 5:41
Lucky Ball And Chain – 2:29
Birdhouse In Your Soul – 3:43
Theme From Flood – 1:58

How To Get Your Download Copy Of  They Might Be Giants Flood Live In Australia

Click over to

and handover your email address. The email will then give you a link where you can download the live recordings.

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