Jesus And Mary Chain BBC Live In Concert 1992 & 1995

BBC Live In Concert is a live album by indie rock band Jesus and Mary Chain that pulls together two radio broadcasts. The first from March 1992 and the second from April 1995.

Jesus And Mary Chain BBC Live In Concert 1992 & 1995

Jesus And Mary Chain BBC Live In Concert 1992 & 1995

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  1. Catch Fire – 4:36 (originally on the studio album Honey’s Dead)
  2. Blues from a Gun – 4:20 (Automatic)
  3. Head On – 4:02 (Automatic)
  4. Reverence – 4:55 (Honey’s Dead)
  5. Far Gone and Out – 2:48 (Honey’s Dead)
  6. Half Way to Crazy – 3:09 (Automatic)
  7. Sidewalking – 8:02
  8. Reverence – 5:19 (Honey’s Dead)
  9. Snakedriver – 3:49
  10. Come On – 2:48 (Stoned & Dethroned)
  11. Happy When It Rains – 3:22 (Darklands)
  12. Teenage Lust – 3:39 (Honey’s Dead)
  13. The Perfect Crime – 1:38
  14. Everybody I Know – 2:10 (Stoned & Dethroned)
  15. Girlfriend – 3:13 (Stoned & Dethroned)
  16. Hole – 2:05 (Stoned & Dethroned)
  17. Head On – 4:14 (Automatic)
  18. Sugar Ray – 4:38 (Honey’s Dead)
  19. I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll – 3:43

Tracks 1 to 7 were recorded in March 1992 in Sheffield, tracks 8 to 19 were recorded in Bristol in April 1995

This is very much an introduction to the less known songs from Jesus and Mary Chain. They were a critics favourite when their first album Psychocandy came out with the singles Never Understand, You Trip Me Up and Just Like Honey.

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