The Cure Show 1992

Show is a live album by The Cure.

It was recorded at The Palace Of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan on July 18 and 19, 1992.

There is a single CD version with 14 songs and a double CD version with 18 songs.

The Cure Show

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Songs On The Cure Show

The double CD and mp3 version

CD 1
Tape – 2:27
Open – 7:19 (originally on the studio album Wish)
High – 3:31 (Wish)
Pictures Of You – 7:38 (Disintegration)
Lullaby – 4:25 (Disintegration)
Just Like Heaven – 3:37 (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
Fascination Street – 4:55 (Disintegration)
A Night Like This – 4:46 (The Head Of The Door)
Trust – 5:15 (Wish)

CD 2
Doing The Unstuck – 4:22 (Wish)
The Walk – 3:32 (Japanese Whispers)
Let’s Go To Bed – 3:41 (Japanese Whispers)
Friday I’m In Love – 3:45 (Wish)
In Between Days – 3:12 (The Head Of The Door)
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – 7:54 (Wish)
Never Enough – 4:52 (Mixed Up)
Cut – 5:25 (Wish)
End – 7:58 (Wish)

The single CD leaves out four tracks –  the opening tape, Fascination Street, The Walk and Let’s Go To Bed leaving…

1. Open
2. High
3. Pictures Of You
4. Lullaby
5. Just Like Heaven
6. A Night Like This
7. Trust
8. Doing The Unstuck
9. Friday I’m In Love
10. Inbetween Days
11. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
12. Never Enough
13. Cut
14. End

It was this shorter version that I accidentally bought but the other songs are available to buy as digital downloads if they really matter to you.

This album is the more accessible version of the band whilst the sister live album from 1992 called Paris has more of the older songs on it.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s I had several attempts at getting to know and like The Cure but I never loved them in the way I do Echo & The Bunnymen. However in more recent years, the band have grown on me.


Buying The Cure Show

Take care on whether you want the 14 track single version or the longer 18 song version.

It is available from

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