Bjork Live Box 1994 to 2001

Live Box is a compilation of live recordings by Bjork based around her albums.

It was recorded at various concerts from 1994 through to 2001 and was released in 2003. This includes an MTV Unplugged performance based around her Debut studio album.

Bjork Live Box

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Songs On Bjork Live Box

Disc: 1 – Debut Live

1. Human Behaviour
2. One Day
3. Venus as a Boy
4. Come to Me
5. Big Time Sensuality
6. Aeroplane
7. Like Someone in Love
8. Crying
9. Anchor Song
10. Violently Happy

Tracks 1 -2 and 4-10 were recorded for MTV Unplugged in 1994, track 3 was recorded for Later With Jools Holland on 17 June 1995.

Disc: 2 Post Live

1. Headphones
2. Army of Me
3. One Day
4. The Modern Things
5. Isobel
6. Possibly Maybe
7. Hyper-Ballad
8. I Go Humble
9. Big Time Sensuality
10. Enjoy
11. I Miss You
12. It’s Oh So Quiet
13. Anchor Song

Tracks 1 – 5, 8-10 and 13 were recorded at Shepherds Bush in London on 27 February 1997.

Disc: 3 Homogenic Live

1. Visur Vantnsenda Rósu
2. Hunter
3. You’ve Been Flirting Again
4. Isobel
5. All Neon Like
6. Possibly Maybe
7. 5 Years
8. Come to Me
9. Immature
10. I Go Humble
11. Bachelorette
12. Human Behaviour
13. Pluto
14. Jóga
15. So Broken
16. Anchor Song

These came from a wide variety of concerts in 1997 and 1998.

Disc: 4  Vespertine Live

1. Frosti
2. Overture
3. All Is Full of Love
4. Cocoon
5. Aurora
6. Undo
7. Unravel
8. I’ve Seen It All
9. An Echo, A Stain
10. Generous Palmstroke
11. Hidden Place
12. Pagan Poetry
13. Harm of Will
14. It’s Not Up to You
15. Unison
16. It’s in Our Hands

These tracks came from various concerts on her world tour in August to December 2001.

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