Primal Scream Live In Japan 2002

Live In Japan is the first live album by Primal Scream. It was recorded at Zepp Tokyo in 2002 while the group promoted the Evil Heat studio album.

Primal Scream Live In Japan

Primal Scream Live In Japan

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Set List

Accelerator – 3:19 (originally from the studio album XTRMNTR)
Miss Lucifer – 2:36 (Evil Heat)
Rise – 4:24  (Evil Heat)
Shoot Speed / Kill Light – 4:43 (XTRMNTR)
Pills – 3:58 (XTRMNTR)
Autobahn 66 – 5:40 (Evil Heat)
City – 3:18 (Evil Heat)
Rocks – 3:31 (Give Out But Don’t Give Up)
Kowalski – 5:16 (Vanishing Point)
Swastika Eyes – 6:01 (XTRMNTR)
Skull X – 4:18 (Evil Heat)
Higher Than The Sun – 6:53
Jailbird – 3:43 (Give Out But Don’t Give Up)
Movin’ On Up – 5:00 (Screamadelica)
Medication – 3:41 (Vanishing Point)
Born To Lose – 3:13 (cover of the Johnny Thunders song from LAMF)

Five songs from their latest album Evil Heat and a good summary of their earlier albums although I suspect that many fans feel that Screamadelica is under-represented. Fortunately Primal Scream have now issued Screamadelica Live.

If the only Primal Scream you’ve heard is the studio version of Screamadelica, you’re in for a shock at what a rough and tough live rock band Primal Scream are. You should probably listen to the mp3 samples.

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I haven’t seen it included in any best live albums lists. They tend to be dominated by recordings made in the seventies. Mind you, so does my own Best Live Albums Blog.

Feedback from Amazon is positive.


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