The Pixies Live At Vredenburg 1990

The Pixies Live At Vredenburg is a live bonus CD that was included with a number limited of the Death To The Pixies compilation album.

It was recorded at Vredenburg in Utrecht, Netherlands on 25th September 1990.

Sadly we are very short of authorised recordings of The Pixies live in concert from their original time together. Since their reunion in 2004, they have offered limited edition recordings of their individual concerts.

The Pixies Live At Vredenburg 1990

Songs On The Pixies Live At Vredenburg 1990 CD

  1. Debaser – 2:55 (the song was originally on Doolittle)
  2. Rock Music – 1:51 (Bossanova)
  3. Broken Face – 1:21 (Surfer Rosa)
  4. Isla de Encanta – 1:42 (Come On Pilgrim)
  5. Hangwire – 2:00 (Bossanova)
  6. Dead – 2:30 (Doolittle)
  7. Into the White – 3:30 (B-side of the Here Comes Your Man single)
  8. Monkey Gone to Heaven – 2:58 (Doolittle)
  9. Gouge Away – 2:53 (Doolittle)
  10. Here Comes Your Man – 3:12 (Doolittle)
  11. Allison – 1:16 (Bossanova)
  12. Hey – 3:54 (Doolittle)
  13. Gigantic – 3:26 (Surfer Rosa)
  14. Crackity Jones – 1:35 (Doolittle)
  15. Something Against You – 1:46 (Surfer Rosa)
  16. Tame – 2:05 (Doolittle)
  17. Wave of Mutilation – 3:05 (Doolittle)
  18. Where Is My Mind? – 3:37 (Surfer Rosa)
  19. Ed Is Dead – 2:52 (Come On Pilgrim)
  20. Vamos – 4:34 (Surfer Rosa)
  21. Tony’s Theme – 2:27 (Come On Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa)

Songs played at the concert but not on the CD are:

Cecilia Ann (Bossanova)
Levitate Me (Come On Pilgrim)
There Goes My Gun (Doolittle)
Velouria (Bossanova)
Stormy Weather (Bossanova)
Dig for Fire (Bossanova)
Dancing the Manta Ray (B-side of Monkey Goes To Heaven)
Caribou (Come On Pilgrim)
All Over the World (Bossanova)
The Happening (Bossanova)
Broken Face (Surfer Rosa)
I Bleed (Doolittle)
Is She Weird (Bossanova)

It would have been nice to have the entire concert but this is the only prime era live recordings of The Pixies that have been officially released by a record label with the approval of The Pixies.

The Pixies are a terrific group and this is a very solid performance. It doesn’t roar as much as I was expecting which is a good thing. I certainly didn’t want to find a wall of noise when I first listened to the album. The tune still dominates in the majority of songs although there is a little bit of strangeness.

Buying The Pixies Live At Vredenburg 1990

It is sold as part of the Death To The Pixies album but you need to make sure that you find the double CD version. Because of the different ways of describing the CD, I haven’t tried to narrow down the search beyond “Death To The Pixies”.

It is available from  – eBay

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

There is also an unauthorised bootleg called Death To The Pixies that you may see on eBay. This is not this concert.

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