REM Live 2005

REM Live is a live album and DVD capturing REM (or more strictly R.E.M.) in concert at the Point Theatre, Dublin in February 2005 on the final nights of their European tour to promote the studio album Around the Sun.

REM Live

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Songs On  REM Live

Disc 1

  1. I Took Your Name (originally on the studio album Monster)
  2. So Fast, So Numb (New Adventures In Hi-Fi)
  3. Boy In The Well (Around The Sun)
  4. Cuyahoga (Lifes Rich Pageant)
  5. Everybody Hurts (Automatic For The People)
  6. Electron Blue (Around The Sun)
  7. Bad Day (from the compilation In Time)
  8. The Ascent Of Man (Around The Sun)
  9. The Great Beyond (from the compilation In Time – this was specially written for the Man In The Moon movie)
  10. Leaving New York (Around The Sun)
  11. Orange Crush (Green)
  12. I Wanted To Be Wrong (Around The Sun)
  13. Final Straw (Around The Sun)
  14. Imitation Of Life (Reveal)
  15. The One I Love (Document)
  16. Walk Unafraid (Up)
  17. Losing My Religion (Out Of Time)

Disc 2

  1. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (Monster)
  2. Drive (Automatic For The People)
  3. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville (Reckoning)
  4. I’m Gonna DJ (Accelerate)
  5. Man On The Moon (Automatic For The People)

Six songs from Around The Sun and a selection of songs from the other albums. What’s surprising is how little focus there is on the two blockbuster albums that threatened to make REM the biggest band on the planet – Out Of Time and Automatic For The People.

On both this album and Live At The Olympia album, REM suffer from recording and releasing live concerts after two of their weakest albums.

We have seen live recordings released as bonuses with their classic studio albums from the 1980s so hopefully, we’ll see them continue this policy into the 1990s. Otherwise I fear we’ll be deprived of the classic R.E.M. live album that will receive widespread acclaim.

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