Soundgarden Live on I-5 1996

Live On I-5 is a live album by alternative metal band Soundgarden.

It was recorded at concerts in Oakland, Salem and Seattle in the USA and in Vancouver, Canada between November 30 and December 18, 1996.

Soundgarden Live on I-5

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Songs On Soundgarden Live on I-5

Spoonman – 4:23
Searching With My Good Eye Closed – 4:13
Let Me Drown – 4:10
Head Down – 6:25
Outshined – 5:13
Rusty Cage – 4:39
Burden In My Hand – 5:02
Helter Skelter – 2:09
Boot Camp – 3:16
Nothing To Say – 4:25
Slaves & Bulldozers – 9:16
Dusty – 4:32
Fell On Black Days – 4:55
Search And Destroy – 3:10
Ty Cobb – 2:42
Black Hole Sun – 3:01
Jesus Christ Pose – 6:24


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