Pulp The John Peel Sessions 1981 to 2001

The John Peel Sessions is a collection of live recordings of Pulp made by the BBC for the John Peel Show on Radio 1.

The first disc has the live in the studio sessions between 1981 and 2001 while the second disk has live in concert recordings.

Pulp found success in the mid 1990s with their studio albums His ‘n’ Hers and Different Class with it’s big hit singles Common People, Sorted For E’s & Wizz and Disco 2000.

This album focuses less on that period and more on what came before and after.

Pulp The John Peel Sessions

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Songs On Pulp The John Peel Sessions

CD 1

Turkey Mambo Momma – 2:53
Please Don’t Worry – 3:20
Wishful Thinking – 4:16
Refuse To Be Blind – 4:25
Pink Glove – 5:07
You’re A Nightmare – 5:19
Acrylic Afternoons – 3:43
Underwear – 4:11
Common People – 5:52
Pencil Skirt – 3:21
Sunrise – 5:57
Weeds – 3:45
I Love Life – 5:08
Duck Diving – 6:34

Tracks 1 to 4 John Peel 07/11/81
Tracks 5 to 7 John Peel 07/02/93
Tracks 8 to 10 John Peel 09/09/94
Tracks 11 to 14 John Peel 12/08/01

CD 2

Theme From Peter Gunn – 4:06
Sorted For E’s & Wizz – 3:55
Help The Aged – 4:14
This Is Hardcore – 7:05
Sunrise – 6:04
Mile End – 4:29
Do You Remember The First Time? – 4:00
Babies – 4:08
Weeds – 3:44
Weeds II (The Origin Of The Species) – 3:52
The Fear – 5:23
The Trees – 4:42
I Love Life – 4:41
Party Hard – 4:27
Common People – 7:34

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded at Kings College on 11/10/01 for John Peel’s 40 years in Broadcasting celebrations.
Tracks 6 to 8 recorded at Bristol Anson on 21/04/95
Tracks 9 to 15 recorded at the Birmingham Academy on 31/10/01


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