Patti Smith Dreaming Of The Prophet 1975

Dreaming Of The Prophet is a live recording by Patti Smith.

It was recorded at the Bottom Line club in Greenwich Village, New York City on December 27th, 1975 and broadcast by the WNEW-FM radio station.

Patti Smith charms in this small, intimate club and her personality and raw talent shine through. Her debut album Horses was released on December 13th, 1975, just 14 days before this concert.

Patti Smith Dreaming Of The Prophet

Songs On Patti Smith Dreaming Of The Prophet

I Man a Mafia – 0:47
N*gger Book – 4:49
Sally – 0:17
Rape – 5:49
Lullaby (I Was Working Real Hard) – 2:16
We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time – 2:51
Privilege (Set Me Free) – 3:35 (later to appear on Easter)
Ain’t It Strange – 6:58 (later to appear on Radio Ethiopia)
Space Monkey – 4:40 (later to appear on Easter)
Redondo Beach – 4:15 (Horses)
Free Money – 4:43 (Horses)
Pale Blue Eyes – 3:39
Louie Louie – 1:56
Pumping My Heart – 3:17 (later to appear on Radio Ethiopia)
I Man a Mafia – 3:42
Birdland – 11:10 (Horses)
Land / Gloria – 7:27 (medley from Horses)
Time on My Side – 4:05
My Generation – 3:22

This album starts with Patti Smith on stage on her own, working on a new idea where she performs some of her poetry and gives the audience a chance to ask her questions. While I won’t play this part of the album as often as the section with her band, it is charming and really shows off her personality.

The band performance starts from track 6 with We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time which is extremely appropriate. It’s a fiery, passionate performance that’s full of energy and you can understand how she helped to inspire the American side of punk rock.

I’ve bought several Patti Smith studio albums in the past – Horses and Easter – and I hadn’t heard much to get excited about. Harsh and I’ll admit that I didn’t work too hard to get to know the albums. This has made me a convert and I’m looking for another live recording to buy. Fortunately there is plenty to choose from.


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