Laura Nyro Seasons Of Light 1976

Seasons of Lights Laura Nyro in Concert is the first live album released by Laura Nyro but not the first chronological live recording.

This was recorded at concerts on the tour to promote the Smile studio album in 1976 and was released in June 1977. The original version had ten songs but an extended 16 song version has since been released.

The first recording we have is Spread Your Wings And Fly recorded in 1971.

Laura Nyro Seasons Of Light

Songs On Laura Nyro Seasons Of Light

  1. Money (originally on the studio album Smile)
  2. Sweet Lovin’ Baby (New York Tendency)
  3. And When I Die (More Than A New Discovery)
  4. The Morning News (not previously released)
  5. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp (Christmas and the Beads Of Sweat)
  6. I Am The Blues (Smile)
  7. When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag (Christmas and the Beads Of Sweat)
  8. Captain St. Lucifer (New York Tendency)
  9. Smile (Smile)
  10. Mars (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  11. Sweet Blindness (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  12. The Cat-Song (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  13. Emmie (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  14. The Confession (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  15. Timer (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)
  16. Midnite Blue (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession)

The bonus tracks on the updated version are Sweet Lovin’ Baby, The Morning News, I Am The Blues, Smile, Mars and Midnight Blue.

On this album Nyro plays with a jazz based band rather than the solo piano performance that can be heard on the earlier recorded live album.


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