Argent BBC Radio 1 In Concert 1972 and 1974

BBC Radio 1 In Concert is a live album by progressive rock group Argent. It features recordings made at concerts in 1972 when the group were at the peak of their fame and two years later in 1974.

Argent BBC Radio 1 In Concert

Argent BBC Radio 1 In Concert

Set List

  1. Be My Lover, Be My Friend – 6:47 (originally on the album All Together Now)
  2. Sweet Mary – 5:48 (Ring Of Hands)
  3. Tragedy – 5:35 (All Together Now)
  4. Dance of Ages – 8:52 (All Together Now)
  5. The Fakir – 13:47 (not on a studio album from the time)
  6. Hold Your Head Up – 7:04 (All Together Now)
  7. He’s a Dynamo – 7:03 (All Together Now)
  8. God Gave Rock & Roll to You – 6:09 (In Deep)
  9. It’s Only Money – 4:50 (In Deep)
  10. Gonna Meet My Maker – 4:29 (Nexus)
  11. Music from the Spheres – 8:59 (Nexus)

Inevitably there is a significant amount of crossover with the Encore live album released in 1974.

These songs are new – Be My Lover, Be My Friend, Sweet Mary, Tragedy, The Fakir, He’s a Dynamo, Gonna Meet My Maker and provide plenty of reason if you’re an Argent fan to own both.


It’s a lively performance with more oomph than the studio versions.

Here is a video of Hold Your Head Up on an American TV show from 1973 with John Denver introducing them.

Atmosphere and Authenticity

Prog rock struggles to generate the passion that you hear in the greatest live albums but these BBC Radio 1 In Concert albums are very pure – one night and none of the retouching you can get from official live albums released by the performers.

Overall Thoughts

I have to be in the mood for Argent (I think of them as the Status Quo of prog rock) but when I am. I really enjoy listening to them.

On Argent fanatics are going to want both this and Encore but for the rest of us, this makes an interesting listening experience, even if it represents a cul-de-sac in rock.

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Buying Argent Radio 1 In Concert

You can get this live album from:

As at October 2014, it isn’t available as a digital download at Amazon or iTunes. It’s also expensive to buy as a CD because it’s out of print and quite rare.

The other Argent live album, Encore is available as a digital download at iTunes, and

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