Ryan Adams Live At Carnegie Hall Super Deluxe 2014

Live At Carnegie Hall is a live album by Ryan Adams performing solo.

It was recorded at concerts in New York City in November 2014 and comes in two forms:

  • Ten Songs From Live At Carnegie Hall (see another post)
  • The super deluxe version with 42 songs from the concerts on the 15th and 17th November.

This article will focus on the super deluxe version.

Ryan Adams Live At Carnegie Hall

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Songs On Ryan Adams Live At Carnegie Hall Super Deluxe

Disc 1 November 15, 2014

Gimme Something Good – 6:10
Oh My Sweet Carolina – 5:27
Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) – 4:02
My Winding Wheel – 6:03
Trouble – 4:12
Nobody Girl – 5:53
Off Broadway – 2:59
Halloween – 5:13
New York, New York – 6:21
Please Do Not Let Me Go – 3:58
Rats In The Wall – 2:28
Why Do They Leave? – 5:37
Sylvia Plath – 4:32
Crossed Out Name – 4:44
This Is Where We Meet In My Mind – 5:21
If I Am A Stranger – 5:04
Amy – 4:35
English Girls Approximately – 6:50
Avenues – 5:46
Come Pick Me Up – 6:50

Disc 2 November 17, 2014

Oh My Sweet Carolina – 6:38
My Winding Wheel – 3:36
Dirty Rain – 4:42
My Wrecking Ball – 5:22
New York, New York – 5:24
Friends – 6:43
Am I Safe – 4:43
Ashes & Fire – 7:38
Gimme Something Good – 4:51
Why Do They Leave? – 4:39
Off Broadway – 4:20
The Hardest Part – 3:01
The Rescue Blues – 3:23
Lucky Now – 6:01
Dear Chicago – 2:28
Desire – 3:53
How Much Light – 10:09
Firecracker – 4:02
Kim – 4:25
Call Me On Your Way Back Home – 5:14
Black Sheets Of Rain – 6:36
Come Pick Me Up – 6:02

The songs that are played on both nights are Gimme Something Good, Oh My Sweet Carolina, My Winding Wheel, Off Broadway, New York, New York and Come Pick Me Up. That’s remarkably few and is a great reason for seeing Adams on several nights when he plays near you.

There is also plenty of charming banter between the songs that helps to round out the live concert feeling.

Before listening to this album a few times, I knew little about Ryan Adams except that he is a critics favourite and has been grouped in the alternative country category which I’ve never understood. If it doesn’t sound like country music, it’s not.

I know I have a weakness for good singer songwriter albums and this is another top add to the list.


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