Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Live 2008

Glitter And Doom Live is a live compilation album by Tom Waits.

It was recorded during his 2008 tour and Waits has selected the recordings he likes best from concerts in the United States, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy.

Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Live


Songs On Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Live

Disc: 1
1. Lucinda / Ain’t Goin Down (Birmingham 07/03/08)
2. Singapore (Edinburgh 07/28/08)
3. Get Behind The Mule (Tulsa 06/25/08)
4. Fannin Street (Knoxville 06/29/08)
5. Dirt In The Ground (Milan 07/19/08)
6. Such A Scream (Milan 07/18/08)
7. Live Circus (Jacksonville 07/01/08)
8. Goin’ Out West (Tulsa 06/25/08)
9. Falling Down (Paris 07/25/08)
10. The Part You Throw Away (Edinburgh 07/28/08)
11. Trampled Rose (Dublin 08/01/08)
12. Metropolitan Glide (Knoxville 6/29/08)
13. I’ll Shoot The Moon (Paris 07/24/08)
14. Green Grass (Edinburgh 07/27/08)
15. Make It Rain (Atlanta 07/05/08)
16. Story (Columbus 06/28/08)
17. Lucky Day (Atlanta 07/05/08)

Disc: 2
1. Tom Tales 36:10

I think Tom Waits is always an interesting artist but I much prefer the way he sounded and performed in the mid 1970s. By this stage his voice is shot to pieces and, in my opinion, unpleasant to listen to. I also prefer the jazz band back on albums like Nighthawks At The Diner.

I recognise that artists have to progress to sustain a career but I got off the Tom Waits bus a long time ago and whenever I’ve tried to hop on since for a short journey, I’ve been relieved when it ended.


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