Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson Live At The Bottom Line Aug 20, 1977

Live At The Bottom Line August 20, 1977 is a recording of a Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson concert in New York. It is available to buy through Wolfgang’s Vault.

This is the pair playing live thirteen months after the first live album, It’s Your World was recorded. This time, the pair (together with the Midnight Band) were promoting the Bridges studio album. (In fact, Gil says on the recording that it is released “next week”.)

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson Live At The Bottom Line

Gil Scott-Heron Bottom Line 1977

Set List

  1. New Deal 10:19
  2. Gumbai 5:28
  3. Race Track In France 10:49 (Bridges)
  4. 95 South 6:47 (Bridges)
  5. Hello Sunday, Hello Road 3:51 (Bridges)
  6. It’s Your World 7:29 (from It’s Your World)
  7. Home Is Where The Hatred Is 15:22 (Pieces of a Man)
  8. Almost Lost Detroit 7:21 (Bridges)
  9. Vildgolia 12:44 (Bridges)
  10. Winter In America 6:53 (The First Minute Of A New Day)
  11. Under The Hammer 5:02 (Bridges)
  12. The Bottle 16:02 (Winter In America)

Six songs from the album Bridges, two songs that were played live on It’s Your World and a live version of It’s Your World which was previously a studio recording.

New Deal is ten minutes of Gil Scott Heron talking to the audience, entertaining them with his humour before introducing the band. Gumbai is a festival of African rhythms.

Here is a video of Gil Scott-Heron and the Midnight Band performing Johannesburg from 1976.

And here he is playing one of his most famous songs, Winter In America in 1990.

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