John Martyn Classics Live 1990

Classics Live is a live album by John Martyn.

It is also a re-release by the Full Fill label of John Martyn Live from a concert in London in 1990. The concert has also been released as Dirty, Down & Live: Shaw Theatre London.

One of the things that makes this album special, is an appearance by Pink Floyd’s guitarist Dave Gilmour (on John Wayne and Looking At That Girl).

John Martyn Classics Live

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Songs On John Martyn Classics Live

Disc: 1
1. Easy Blues – 3:08 (originally on the studio album Solid Air)
2. May You Never – 4:21 (Solid Air)
3. Dealer – 6:28 (One World)
4. Outside In – 6:13 (Inside Out)
5. Never Let Me Go – 4:09 (Well Kept Secret)
6. Sapphire – 4:35 (Sapphire)
7. Could Not Love You More – 5:13 (One World)
8. Deny This Love – 5:20 (The Apprentice)
9. Fishermans Dream – 4:45 (Sapphire)
10. Big Muff – 8:24 (One World)
11. Angeline – 6:00 (Piece By Piece)
12. Sweet Little Mystery – 5:59 (Grace And Danger)

Disc: 2
1. The River – 5:20 (The Apprentice)
2. Income Town – 5:38 (The Apprentice)
3. The Apprentice – 5:15 (The Apprentice)
4. John Wayne – 10:48 (Piece By Piece)
5. Look at That Girl – 6:39 (The Apprentice)
6. Looking On – 10:41 (The Apprentice)
7. Johnny Too Bad – 14:43 (Grace And Danger)
8. One World – 7:45 (One World)

Giving an album the title of Classics Live, you expect to find a “greatest hits/best of” version but in 1990, John Martyn was promoting his latest album, The Apprentice and we have six tracks from it.

On that theme, probably his three most critically praised studio albums are Solid Air (two tracks), One World (four tracks) and Grace And Danger (two tracks).

It probably doesn’t live up to these expectations. That said, when I heard it, I knew it was an album that I had to own.

This is a smooth, relaxed John Martyn with his band supplemented with a saxophone player.


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