Richard Thompson Live from Austin, TX 2001

Live from Austin, TX is a recording of a Richard Thompson concert in 2001.

Richard Thompson Live from Austin, TX

Richard Thompson Live from Austin, TX album cover

Set List

  1. Cooksferry Queen – 3:36 (originally on the Mock Tudor album)
  2. Uninhabited Man – 5:50 (Mock Tudor)
  3. Walking The Long Miles Home – 4:01 (Mock Tudor)
  4. Al Bowlly’s In Heaven – 5:28 (Daring Adventures)
  5. Mingus Eyes – 4:15 (Mirror Blue)
  6. Dry My Tears & Move On – 3:47 (Mock Tudor)
  7. Easy There, Steady Now – 4:54 (Mirror Blue)
  8. Persuasion – 4:18 (new recording for the Action packed compilation)
  9. Bathsheba Smiles – 3:47 (Mock Tudor)
  10. Mr. Rebound – 3:30 (Mock Tudor)
  11. Ghosts In The Wind – 5:40 (Across a Crowded Room)
  12. She Twists The Knife Again – 3:33 (Across a Crowded Room)
  13. Shoot Out The Lights – 5:09 (Shoot Out The Lights)
  14. Crawl Back (Under My Stone) – 6:22 (Mock Tudor)
  15. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning – 5:17 (Rumor and Sigh)

Seven songs from the Mock Tudor album are probably too many when there are so many great songs in Richard Thompson’s back catalogue. It does provide a summary of his career after his musical partnership with his wife Linda broke up in 1982.

I will be writing a much longer review.

What Others Say About This Richard Thompson Live Album

It hasn’t appeared on any of the beat live albums ever lists that I’ve seen.

Reviews at Amazon are very positive with plenty of five and four stars.


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