Best U2 Live Album & Best Studio Album

U2 have been a fantastic live group but what is the best U2 live album?

The decision is complicated by some fan club only releases.

U”b have been reluctant to make full releases of their live recordings. I guess its because live albums went out of fashion in the eighties and nineties when U2 could lay claim to be the biggest rock band in the world with the success of The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby in particular.

What Is The Best U2 Live Album?

What Are The TWO Best U2 Live Albums? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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What are the Best Studio Albums by U2

A great live album needs great songs so it makes sense to me that the best live albums should come from around the period of or just after the best studio albums.

Please vote in this second poll to find out what are generally seen as the best studio albums by U2.

What Are The Best Two Studio Albums By U2

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Rattle and Hum appears in both because of the mix between studio and live tracks.

Do You Agree With The Results So Far?

Let me know if you think my readers are getting it right. If not, why not?

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Thanks. It’s great to talk / discuss music and polls are usually controversial.

What are the Best Live Albums Ever?

I’m having some problems classifying U2 into a musical genre. Normally they’d go into my indie / alternative category for a band that emerged out of the punk and new wave scene with new fire.

It doesn’t seem right and I see them more as a classic rock act because of their success. How do you think U2 can be classed?

The reason I ask is that I’d like you take vote in more of my polls to find the best live albums and the first set are by music category:

I also have best album polls for other groups:

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