Best U2 Live Album & Best Studio Album

U2 have been a fantastic live group but what is the best U2 live album?

The decision is complicated by some fan club only releases.

U”b have been reluctant to make full releases of their live recordings. I guess its because live albums went out of fashion in the eighties and nineties when U2 could lay claim to be the biggest rock band in the world with the success of The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby in particular.

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U2 Live From Paris 1987

Live From Paris is a live album recorded by U2 from a concert in Paris in 1987 promoting The Joshua Tree album.

It was originally released as a bonus DVD with the remastered The Joshua Tree album in 2007 and then a music only version was made available through iTunes in 2008. It’s also available from but not from (at the time of writing).

U2 Live From Paris

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