David Bowie Live 2013 – He Won’t Tour But He Might Perform

David Bowie has made front page news in the UK in early January 2013 with the announcement of his new single and album.

The world woke up to find out about the single Where Are We Now and the album that is coming in March 2013, The Next Day.

Here is the video for the new single Where Are We Now that goes back to his time in the late 1970s in Berlin when he recorded and released Low, Heroes and Lodger.

The question people are asking is:

Will David Bowie perform live and tour in 2013?

The conclusion at the moment is…

David Bowie Won’t Tour But He May Play Live

I’ve read conflicting things in the last couple of days about whether there is any chance that David Bowie will appear live in concerts.

It seems that he doesn’t want to tour but he could do one live performance to promote the new album.

If he does, I bet that will be recorded and released as a new David Bowie live album.

I’ve always wanted to see David Bowie but I’ve always had a fear about what songs he would play so I haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities. There’s some great stuff and some dross and because he’s such a chameleon, you can’t be too sure what you’re going to get.

It looks like I’ll never be able to see him live now.

The Current David Bowie Live Albums

If you want to hear what David Bowie sounds like live, you need to pick your time period carefully.

There are only six years between Santa Monica and Stage but David Bowie was moving so fast in the 1970s, the difference in sound was remarkable.

1972 – Santa Monica 72
1973 – Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture
1974 – David Live
1976 – Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (sold with Station To Station)
1978 – Stage
1987 – Glass Spider Live
1999 – VH1 Storytellers
2003 – A Reality Tour

What Is The Best Live Album By David Bowie?

To help find the best live albums I have created a readers poll to find the best David Bowie albums.

What Are The THREE Best David Bowie Live Albums? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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