David Bowie Day In Day Out Radio Broadcast 1987

Day In Day Out is a live in concert recording of David Bowie.

It was recorded in Australia in 1987 and comes from the Glass Spider tour. It has been released by Laser Media.

David Bowie Day In Day Out

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David Bowie RIP

Britain woke up to the news on Monday 11 January 2016 that David Bowie died of liver cancer in New York the night before, 10 January 2016. This was just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his final studio album Black Star.

I’d been a fan from my teenage years in the 1970s and at one stage, he was perhaps my favourite artist or band.

This news sent me scurrying back to his classic live albums from his prime time in the 1970s that I’d strangely been ignoring for too long:

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David Bowie Bowie At The Beeb 3 CD version 1968 to 1972 2000

The commonly available version of David Bowie At The Beeb is a two CD version but there is a limited edition with 3 CDs with a concert from 2000.

This live performance was recorded at BBC Radio Theatre, London on June 27, 2000.

The standard version (CDs 1 & 2) and live in the studio sessions recorded between 1968 and 1972.

David Bowie Bowie At The Beeb 3 CD version

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David Bowie Bowie At The Beeb 1968 to 1972

Bowie At The Beeb is a two CD collection of live in the studio recordings of David Bowie made by the BBC between 1968 and 1972.

There is also a three CD limited edition version available which includes a live concert recording from June 2000.

David Bowie Bowie At The Beeb

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David Bowie VH1 Storytellers 1999

VH1 Storytellers is a live album CD and DVD by David Bowie in a performance in August 1999 for a cable TV show.

Storytellers was a programme where artists performed live in front f a small audience and shared the stories behind the songs.

David Bowie VH1 Storytellers

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David Bowie Serious Moonlight 1983

Serious Moonlight is a recording of the David Bowie concert in Vancouver on September 12, 1983.

It is available as an official live DVD and an unofficial live album CD. I would like David Bowie to tidy up this mess and release it as an authorised CD as there is definitely a place for it within the group of David Bowie live albums.

I haven’t been featuring live concert DVDs without an accompanying CD but I thought I’d make an exception. I’m not sure about the legality of the Serious Moonlight live album but it’s being sold by Play.com and cduniverse.com so I’m guessing that it has a grey status. Legal but not approved by David Bowie.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight

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David Bowie Live 2013 – He Won’t Tour But He Might Perform

David Bowie has made front page news in the UK in early January 2013 with the announcement of his new single and album.

The world woke up to find out about the single Where Are We Now and the album that is coming in March 2013, The Next Day.

Here is the video for the new single Where Are We Now that goes back to his time in the late 1970s in Berlin when he recorded and released Low, Heroes and Lodger.

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David Bowie Plays Ziggy Stardust Live

In this article I am going to look at how the tracks on the classic David Bowie album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars have featured in his live albums.

I prefer my music live as you will have gathered. The songs are terrific on the Ziggy Stardust studio album but I feel it lacks a bit of punch that you can only get from a live recording.

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