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Britain woke up to the news on Monday 11 January 2016 that David Bowie died of liver cancer in New York the night before, 10 January 2016. This was just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his final studio album Black Star.

I’d been a fan from my teenage years in the 1970s and at one stage, he was perhaps my favourite artist or band.

This news sent me scurrying back to his classic live albums from his prime time in the 1970s that I’d strangely been ignoring for too long:

After his popularity waned after Let’s Dance, I tended to lose track of what Bowie was doing. I heard the odd song but was never impressed

The Most Frequent Songs David Bowie Performed Live

Live performances often reflect a balance between fan favourite songs and those that the artist particularly likes and enjoys performing.

According to setlist.fm, the top 20 songs that David Bowie performed most often in live concerts are:

1 Fame – 596 times
2 Jean Genie – 534
3 Heroes – 522
4 Rebel Rebel – 518
5 China Girl – 424
6 Sufragette City – 418
7 Ziggy Stardust – 392
8 Fashion – 391
9 Stay – 385
10 Life On Mars – 371
11 White Light White Heat – 357
12 Ashes To Ashes – 355
13 Let’s Dance – 330
14= Changes – 321
14= Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – 321
16 Station To Station – 320
17 Hallo Spaceboy – 297
18 Breaking Glass – 293
19 Under Pressure – 292
20 Space Oddity – 291

Is this accurate?

This is a fan maintained website where members can post concert dates and, if they know them, set lists in full or part. Sadly it gives more of an indication what he played in his declining years.

In 1972, 91 concerts are known but the most popular song is Ziggy Stardust with 28 plays. It’s similar in 1973 with 96 concerts listed but the most popular song played is The Jean Genie with 45 plays and Ziggy Stardust second equal with 44.

By 1990, 108 concerts are listed and the most popular songs are Sound and Vision, Life On Mars, Ziggy Stardust, Rebel Rebel and Ashes to Ashes all with 102 plays.

What Is The Best Live Album By David Bowie?

I have a poll:

What Are The THREE Best David Bowie Live Albums? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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There is discussion about the results and a poll for the best studio albums by David Bowie at Best David Bowie Albums.

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