Wishbone Ash Live In 1976

Live In 1976 is a live album by Wishbone Ash which catches the Laurie Wisefield version of the band promoting the New England album.

This is the version of Wishbone Ash Mark 2 before most of Live Dates 2 was recorded.

Wishbone Ash Live In 1976

Wishbone Ash Live In 1976

Live In 1976 Set List

  1. Helpless – 3:41 (studio version finally appeared on Just Testing)
  2. Runaway – 3:16 (New England)
  3. Warrior – 6:12 (Argus)
  4. Lorelei – 6:09 (New England)
  5. Persephone – 3:45 (There’s the Rub)
  6. In All My Dreams You Rescue Me – 6:53 (New England)
  7. Outward Bound – 3:47 (New England)
  8. Mother Of Pearl – 5:30 (New England)
  9. Rest In Peace – 6:30 (Locked In)
  10. Time Was – 7:04 (Argus)
  11. Bad Weather Blues – 7:16

Five songs from New England but this is one of the fans’ favourites.

The band at this stage was:

Andy Powell – guitar, vocals
Laurie Wisefield – guitar, vocals
Martin Turner – bass, vocals
Steve Upton – drums

Here is a video of Wishbone Ash performing a live version of Persephone.

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