Lou Reed Thinking Of Another Place 1976

Thinking Of Another Place is a live recording by Lou Reed.

It was recorded at the Civic Theatre in Akron, Ohio on October 23rd, 1976 while he promoted the Rock and Roll Heart studio album.

Lou Reed Thinking Of Another Place

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Songs On Lou Reed Thinking Of Another Place

  1. Intro Jam – 9:44
  2. Sweet Jane – 5:00 (originally from the studio album Loaded by The Velvet Underground)
  3. Coney Island Baby – 7:50 (Coney Island Baby)
  4. I Believe in Love – 3:06 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  5. Lisa Says – 7:14 (Berlin)
  6. Kicks – 7:43 (Coney Island Baby)
  7. She’s My Best Friend – 6:44 (Coney Island Baby)
  8. I’m Waiting for the Man – 9:23 (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  9. A Sheltered Life – 2:13 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  10. The Kids – 5:45 (Berlin)
  11. Claim to Fame – 3:11 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  12. Vicious Circle – 3:32 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  13. Walk on the Wild Side – 5:05 (Transformer)
  14. Rock and Roll Heart – 3:43 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  15. Charley’s Girl – 5:43 (Coney Island Baby)
  16. Kill Your Sons – 5:00 (Sally Can’t Dance)
  17. Satellite of Love – 5:24 (Transformer)
  18. How Do You Think It Feels – 5:13 (Berlin)
  19. You Wear It So Well – 4:53 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  20. Oh Jim – 8:19 (Berlin)
  21. Berlin – 6:27 (Berlin)
  22. Ladies Pay – 3:48 (Rock and Roll Heart)
  23. Heroin – 9:58 (The Velvet Underground & Nico)

Unlike Live Take No Prisoners from the Street Hassle tour, which skimps on his back catalogue of songs, this has seven songs from his latest album, Rock & Roll Heart, four from Coney Island Baby and four from Berlin. It is, however, light on tracks from his time with The Velvet Underground.

On this album, the saxophone of Marty Fogel is the dominant instrument as Reed interprets his songs in a jazzy style. This is not the album if you want guitars to dominate the sound or if you desire a Velvet Underground soundalike.

I like it but then I have a bias towards saxophone and I also appreciate its focus on less well known songs.


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