Best Aerosmith Live Album

What is the best Aerosmith live album?

There are not very many to choose from:

1973 – 78 – Aerosmith Live Bootleg
1978 – 84 – Aerosmith Classics Live
1978 – 86 – Aerosmith Classics Live 2
1993 – 98 – Aerosmith A Little South of Sanity
2002 – Aerosmith Rockin’ the Joint

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I don’t think Aerosmith have done justice to either their songs or their prowess as a live band. They haven’t released a definitive live album that stands up to comparison with Made In Japan, If You Want Blood You’ve Got It or Strangers In The Night.

Part of the problem is that keep releasing compilations of live recordings rather than focusing preferably on one night or several nights at one venue or one particularly tour.

Do You Agree With The Results So Far?

Let me know if you think my readers are getting it right.The leader for a long time has been Live Bootleg.

Aerosmith Live Bootleg

Is this really the best Aerosmith can do? If not, why not?

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What are the Best Live Album ever?

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