Thin Lizzy Life 1983

Life is a live album recorded by Thin Lizzy on the farewell tour in 1983 when Phil Lynott decided to break up the band. Former guitarists Eric Bell, Brian Robertson and Gary Moore joined the band on stage.

Their previous live album, Live and Dangerous is often regarded as one of the best live albums ever so their Life live album has a great deal to live up to.

Thin Lizzy Life

Thin Lizzy LifeThin Lizzy Life Set List

  1. Thunder and Lightning – 5:11 (Thunder and Lightning)
  2. Waiting for an Alibi – 3:17 (Black Rose)
  3. Jailbreak – 4:08 (Jailbreak)
  4. Baby Please Don’t Go – 5:02 (Thunder and Lightning)
  5. The Holy War – 4:53 (Thunder and Lightning)
  6. Renegade – 5:45 (Renegade)
  7. Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 4:10 (Renegade)
  8. Got to Give It Up – 7:04 (Black Rose)
  9. Angel of Death – 5:56 (Renegade)
  10. Are You Ready – 3:00 (Live & Dangerous)
  11. The Boys Are Back in Town – 4:53 (Jailbreak)
  12. Cold Sweat – 3:08 (Thunder and Lightning)
  13. Don’t Believe a Word – 5:12(Johnny The Fox)
  14. Killer on the Loose – 5:00 (Chinatown)
  15. The Sun Goes Down – 6:45 (Thunder and Lightning)
  16. Emerald – 3:27 (Jailbreak)
  17. Black Rose – 6:40 (Black Rose)
  18. Still in Love With You – 9:00 (Fighting)
  19. The Rocker – 4:47(Vagabonds of the Western World)

There are six repeats from the classic Live & Dangerous album – Jailbreak, Are You Ready, The Boys Are Back in Town, Emerald, Still in Love With You and The Rocker. That leaves thirteen songs from the more recent albums.

I think you can see that Lizzy were running out of steam and inspiration by this stage and Phil Lynott was probably right to break up the band. Unfortunately he died on January 4th, 1986 and never had a chance to reunite the band although it has reformed without him.

The group in 1983 consisted of:

Phil Lynott: bass guitar, vocals
Scott Gorham: guitars
John Sykes: guitars, backing vocals
Brian Downey: drums, percussion
Darren Wharton: keyboards, backing vocals

The following star guitarists joined the band on the particular songs:

Eric Bell – The Rocker
Gary Moore – Black Rose and The Rocker
Brian Robertson – Emerald and The Rocker
Snowy White – guitar on Renegade, Hollywood and Killer on the Loose

I will be writing a full review on Life by Thin Lizzy. I believe that this is a really good performance but the version I have is mixed very badly. The sound is very muddy and it sucks the life out of the recording.

Hopefully thing have improved.

Here is a video of the band performing Cold Sweat live in 1983.

And Jailbreak

This is Waiting For An Alibi from 1981.

What Other People Say About Life by Thin Lizzy

All the attention on the greatest live albums lists goes to Live and Dangerous and not to Life.

Reviews at Amazon are generally positive.


Buying Life by Thin Lizzy

My advice is to listen to the samples of the songs before you decide to buy it. – Thin Lizzy Life – Thin Lizzy Life & mp3 samples

It is available from

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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