Thin Lizzy UK Tour 75

Thin Lizzy were a great live act well before they released the classic Live and Dangerous live album..

UK Tour ’75 was recorded on the tour to promote the Fighting studio album. It gives us a chance to listen to the group before their breakthrough into the big time with The Boys Are Back In Town single and the Jailbreak album.

Thin Lizzy UK Tour ’75

thin lizzy uk tour 75

Set List

  1. Fighting My Way Back – 3:51 (originally from the studio album Fighting)
  2. It’s Only Money – 3:54 (Nightlife)
  3. Wild One – 4:24 (Fighting)
  4. For Those Who Love to Live – 5:06 (Fighting)
  5. Still in Love with You – 9:22 (Nightlife)
  6. Showdown – 5:32 (Nightlife)
  7. Suicide – 5:07 (Fighting)
  8. Rosalie – 3:59 (Fighting)
  9. The Rocker – 3:55 (Vagabonds of the Western World)
  10. Sha-La-La – 7:09 (Nightlife)
  11. Baby Drives Me Crazy – 6:24
  12. Me and the Boys – 6:43
  13. Cowboy Song ( introduced as Derby Blues) – 6:49
  14. Little Darling – 3:13
  15. Soundcheck Jam – 2:47

In my opinion Thin Lizzy were a great singles band but they were never able to sustain the high quality over an entire album. Even Jailbreak has filler on it that is overshadowed by the greatest of The Boys Are Back and my personal favourite, Emerald.

It took Phil Lynott some time to hone his writing skills but you can see them taking shape with songs like The Rocker and Still In Love With You.

That’s what makes Lizzy since a great live band and they are a great example of why live albums can be much better than studio albums.

The set list on UK Tour ’75 isn’t as strong as Live & Dangerous but it has the nice advantage that these songs aren’t as well known and that makes them exciting.


On fire. With hindsight, the group should have taken a lead from The Who and released a live album earlier in their career because they sound much more comfortable at stage than in the studio.

The group at this stage were:

  • Phil Lynott – lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Scott Gorham – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Robertson – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Downey – drums, percussion

Here is a live video of Thin Lizzy playing Fighting My Way Back and It’s Only Money in 1975.

Atmosphere & Authenticity

The thing that stops Live & Dangerous being ranked by me as one of the greatest live albums ever is that it was heavily touched up in the studio. It sounds great but it loses marks for authenticity.

UK Tour 75 doesn’t suffer from that problem. This is raw.

What Other People Say About UK Tour 75

This live recording wasn’t released until August 2008 so Live & Dangerous is the Thin Lizzy album that gains all the praise.

Amazon reviewers are very positive with the 5 star reviews dominating.


Buying Thin Lizzy UK Tour 75

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