Deep Purple -The Thoughts of Pete Pardo

Pete Pardo (from the Sea of Tranquility website) loves Deep Purple. They are his all-time favourite band and the Mark 2 version of the band are responsible for possibly the greatest hard rock live album ever recorded in Made in Japan.

If you ever think that live albums have not-so-good versions of the studio songs, think again. There is no comparison between the four songs on this album from Machine Head to how they sounded live in the era of Mark 2 Deep Purple. Better? “Not ‘arf!”

Don’t think all you need to hear from Deep Purple happened between 1970 and 1973 either. Deep Purple marks 3 and 4 also had plenty to offer fans of hard rock and the revival band is also highly skilled, even if they don’t have the same flair to go away from the studio albums.

Here are a series of his videos on Deep Purple. Continue reading Deep Purple -The Thoughts of Pete Pardo

Deep Purple Machine Head Live

Machine Head by Deep Purple is an iconic heavy rock album and would be highly regarded even if it didn’t feature that riff from Smoke On The Water.

It has formed the base for the Deep Purple live set ever since it was released in 1972.

I grew up with it as a seven track album but I’m going to focus on it as an eight track because I like When A Blind Man Cries that was added as a bonus – it had been the B side for the single from the album, Never Before. Continue reading Deep Purple Machine Head Live