Rush A Show of Hands 1988

Recorded on the 1986 Power Windows and 1988 Hold Your Fire tours and released in January 1989.

Songs On A Show of Hands

All the songs were recorded on the 1988 tour except for Witch Hunt (Part III Of Fear) which is from 1986.

Intro – 0:53
The Big Money – 5:59 (Birmingham)
Subdivisions – 5:22 (Birmingham)
Marathon – 6:39 (Birmingham)
Turn The Page – 4:41(New Orleans)
Manhattan Project – 5:18 (Phoenix)
Mission – 5:46 (San Diego)
Distant Early Warning – 5:15 (Birmingham)
Mystic Rhythms – 5:32 (New Jersey)
Witch Hunt (Part III Of Fear) – 4:00 (New Jersey, 1986)
The Rhythm Method (Drum Solo) – 4:37 (Birmingham)
Force Ten – 4:55 (Phoenix)
Time Stand Still – 5:13 (Birmingham)
Red Sector A – 5:18 (Birmingham)
Closer To The Heart – 4:54


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I have some problems trying to classify the albums produced by Rush. I was clear that the first one, All The World’s A Stage was a mix of prog rock and heavy metal but some of the others have veered away from those two genres towards classic rock.

This album is NOT considered good enough to quality for the poll to find the best classic rock album. Exit Stage Left is included. Do you think I’m wrong?

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