Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There? 1980 & 1981

Is There Anybody Out There? is the Pink Floyd live recording of The Wall concerts from 1980 and 1981 at Earls Court London.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be at these gigs but I had a flatmate who raved about how good The Wall concerts were.

This album was first issued in 2000 and is really the first prime time Pink Floyd live album when the group had conquered the world. (Ummagumma was too early and Delicate Sound Of Thunder and Pulse were a controversial version of the Floyd without the main songwriter, Roger Waters.)

Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There?

Whether this album has a role to play in your album collection depends on two things:

  1. What you think about The Wall as a music experience – the best known tracks (Another Brick In The Wall pt2, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell) are on both Delicate Sound Of Thunder and Pulse.
  2. Whether The Wall is better live than in the studio

Pink Floyd is There Anybody Out There

It is slightly different in that there are a couple of spoken tracks and a 3 minute instrumental called The Last Few Bricks that was played while the Wall was completed except for one last hole where Waters sang Goodbye Cruel World.

Some of the tracks have longer solos. I understand that the group had to edit the original concept to get it to fit within a double LP but it was played live as it was intended. This makes Is There Anybody Out There? even more authentic than the studio album.

Is There Anybody Out There Set List

This isn’t a party album for people who want to have a good time as its themes are about abandonment and isolation. It is however a remarkable piece of music and the shows have gone down in history. It’s a shame that there isn’t a DVD of Pink Floyd performing The Wall Live but you can get a version by Roger Waters live in Berlin.

Disc one

Master Of Ceremonies – 1:13
In the Flesh? – 3:00
The Thin Ice – 2:49
Another Brick in the Wall (Part I) – 4:13
The Happiest Days of Our Lives – 1:40
Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) – 6:19
Mother – 7:54
Goodbye Blue Sky – 3:15
Empty Spaces – 2:14
What Shall We Do Now? – 1:40
Young Lust – 5:17
One of My Turns – 3:41
Don’t Leave Me Now – 4:08
Another Brick in the Wall (Part III) – 1:15
The Last Few Bricks – 3:26
Goodbye Cruel World – 1:41
Total length: 53:50

Disc two

Hey You – 4:55
Is There Anybody Out There? – 3:09
Nobody Home – 3:15
Vera – 1:27
Bring the Boys Back Home – 1:20
Comfortably Numb – 7:26
The Show Must Go On – 2:35
Master Of Ceremonies – 0:37
In the Flesh – 4:23
Run Like Hell – 7:05
Waiting for the Worms – 4:14
Stop – 0:30
The Trial – 6:01
Outside the Wall – 4:27
Total length: 51:31

Here are some videos of Pink Floyd performing songs from The Wall live in concert in 1980.

Mother – Earls Court 1980

Comfortably Numb – Earls Court 1980

Run Like Hell – Earls Court 1980

What Other People Say About “Is There Anybody Out There?”


Buying Is There Anybody Out There?

You can get a copy of the CD from Amazon. There are various special editions with books etc too. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available as an mp3 (at the time of writing) so you can’t hear little snippets of the songs to see how different it sounds from the studio album of The Wall. – Is There Anybody Out There? – Roger Waters & The Wall DVD – Is There Anybody Out There? – Roger Waters & the Wall DVD

It’s also available from eBay. Hopefully it will also appear on iTunes.

What Do You Think About Pink Floyd Performing The Wall Live On The Album is There Anybody Out There?

I haven’t convinced myself that I really want and need this album yet so I’m very interested to know what you think.

I do have the studio version of The Wall but I find it very gloomy to listen to.

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