Roger Waters The Wall Live In Germany 1990

The Wall Live In Germany is a live album by Roger Waters, former songwriter, singer and bassist for Pink Floyd.

It was recorded live in Berlin, Germany, 21st July 1990 and was performed eight months after the Berlin Wall came  down.

In 2015 Roger Waters issued another, more recent, live performance of The Wall. Pink Floyd also have a live album of their concerts for 1980/81 tour for The Wall called Is There  Anybody Out There.

Roger Waters The Wall Live In Germany

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David Gilmour Live In Gdansk 2006

Live In Gdansk is a live album and DVD by Pink Floyd’s star guitarist, David Gilmour.

It was recorded in the Gdańsk Shipyard with the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdańsk on August 26, 2006.

David Gilmour Live In Gdansk

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Pink Floyd Live At Wembley 1974

When I was putting together my poll to let readers like you vote to decide what is the best Pink Floyd live album, I came up with the idea of creating Pink Floyd Live At Wembley 1974.

You can get a recording of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Raving and Drooling and You’ve Gotta Be Crazy from Wembley, London on the Experience and Immersion versions of Wish You Were Here.

All the tracks on Dark Side Of the Moon are available live from the same concert are available from the Experience remaster of the DSOTM album.

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Pink Floyd Ummagumma 1969

Ummagumma is the first Pink Floyd live album recorded in 1969 with early psychedelic space rock classics.

It was a double LP with one LP live and the other recorded in the studio and featuring compositions by the individual members of the group. Only one song, Grantchester Meadows is really worthwhile.

Pink Floyd Ummagumma Live 1969

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Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There? 1980 & 1981

Is There Anybody Out There? is the Pink Floyd live recording of The Wall concerts from 1980 and 1981 at Earls Court London.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be at these gigs but I had a flatmate who raved about how good The Wall concerts were.

This album was first issued in 2000 and is really the first prime time Pink Floyd live album when the group had conquered the world. (Ummagumma was too early and Delicate Sound Of Thunder and Pulse were a controversial version of the Floyd without the main songwriter, Roger Waters.)

Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There?

Whether this album has a role to play in your album collection depends on two things:

  1. What you think about The Wall as a music experience – the best known tracks (Another Brick In The Wall pt2, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell) are on both Delicate Sound Of Thunder and Pulse.
  2. Whether The Wall is better live than in the studio

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Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder 1988

Delicate Sound Of Thunder by Pink Floyd is a live album recorded in 1988 on the A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour without Roger Waters.

Could the Floyd cut it without their former band leader and main song writer?

Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder Overall Rating – 20/30

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What Is The Best Pink Floyd Live Album & Studio Album?

This page has readers polls for you to vote in to find the best live albums by Pink Floyd and the best studio albums by Pink Floyd.

You can also see the results so far.

The Best Pink Floyd Live Albums

Please vote in my poll to help find the best Pink Floyd live album.

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Pink Floyd Pulse 1994

Pulse is a live album by Pink Floyd when they were promoting The Division Bell studio album. It was recorded in October 1994 released in 1995.

It raises some challenging views on what you want from a live album?

Pink Floyd Pulse – Overall Rating = 22/30

I think I’m going to upset a few people on this review although Pink Floyd are one of my favourite groups and I’ve owned nearly all their albums.

Pink Floyd Pulse

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