Blue Oyster Cult – What Pete Pardo Thinks

More videos from Pete Pardo of the Sea of Tranquility website. This time he looks at American hard rock band, Blue Oyster Cult.

This is a band who produced an excellent live album early in their career called On Your Feet or On Your Knees. They followed it up with two more very good live albums after their commercial breakthrough with Some Enchanted Evening and Extraterrestrial Live.

Over to Pete.

The History of Blue Oyster Cult!

It’s well worth popping over to or to hear the 30 second mp3 samples to give you a flavour of an album before digging deeper.

Here are the years for their studio albums:

1972 Blue Oyster Cult
1973 Tyranny and Mutation
1974 Secret Treaties
1976 Agents of Fortune – featuring Don’t Fear The Reaper
1977 Spectres
1979 Mirrors
1980 Cultosaurus Erectus
1981 Fire of Unknown Origin
1983 The Revolution by Night
1985 Club Ninja
1988 Imaginos
1994 Cult Classic
1998 Heaven Forbid
2001 Curse of the Hidden Mirror

In terms of live albums, On Your Feet or On Your Knees was recorded in 1974, Some Enchanted Evening in 1978 and Extraterrestrial Live in 1981.

Top 10 Songs: Blue Oyster Cult

What Are My Favourites?

I need to think about this. On Your Feet is normally my first choice when I’m in the mood for some BOC but each time I look at the track listing, I wish they’d found room for Astronomy. That great song can be found on Some Enchanted Evening but I thought that was a disappointing album until they released an expanded version (no longer available it appears).

If you want a live version of Dominance and Submission, you have to wait for Extraterrestrial Live. What I really want is an extended version of On Your Feet to appear, increasing it from 12 songs to about 20.

Best to Worst Albums: Blue Oyster Cult

Do you agree with Pete?

What Are The Best Live Albums?

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And how should the main BOC albums feature in the poll to find the Best hard rock and heavy metal live albums?

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Because there are so many great hard rock and heavy metal live albums I have split the poll into two and you may find some of your favourites in the second division. Albums will be promoted when they get enough votes.

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