Yes The Word Is Live 1970 to 1988

The Word Is Live is a compilation triple CD of live recordings by Yes.

It is an attractive looking box-set from Yes, mainly drawn from concerts from the seventies that aren’t on Yessongs and Yesshows.

The members of Yes? Whoever was around at the time.

1970 - 1988 - The Word Is Live

Songs On The Word Is Live

Disc: 1

1. Then (1970)
2. For Everyone (1970)
3. Astral Traveller (1971)
4. Everydays (1971)
5. Yours Is No Disgrace (1971)
6. I’ve Seen All Good People (1971)
7. America (1971)
8. It’s Love (1971)

Disc: 2

1. Apocalypse (1976)
2. Siberian Khatru (1976)
3. Sound Chaser (1976)
4. Sweet Dreams (1975)
5. Future Times/Rejoice (1978)
6. Circus Of Heaven (1978)
7. The Big Medley (1978)
8. Hello Chicago (1979)
9. Roundabout (1979)

Disc: 3

1. Heart Of The Sunrise (1978)
2. Awaken (1979)
3. Go Through This (1980)
4. We Can Fly From Here (1980)
5. Tempus Fugit (1980)
6. Rhythm Of Love (1988)
7. Hold On(1988)
8. Shoot High, Aim Low
9. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (1988)

This is a chance to get a lot of live recorded Yes in one package. However I see these songs are rejected from Yessongs and Yesshows. That may be harsh but they are the first two places I turn to when I want to experience live Yes.


Buying The Word Is Live

For more information about The Word Is Live and a chance to listen to the mp3 samples, go to and With live compilations, consistent sound quality is usually an issue so I recommend that you listen to it before you decide to buy.

The last time I looked, the mp3 version was available for sale at a very attractive price.

You can also get it from iTunes and eBay.

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