Yes 9012 Live The Solos 1984

Yes 9012 Live The Solos is a live album by progressive rock group Yes.

It was recorded in Dortmund, Germany in June 1984 and in Edmonton, Canada in September 1984.

It focuses on songs from the studio album 90125 and solos from the individual band members who at this stage were:

Jon Anderson – Lead vocals, Keyboards
Chris Squire – Bass guitar, vocals
Trevor Rabin – guitars, vocals
Tony Kaye – Keyboards, vocals
Alan White – Drums, vocals

yes 9012 live

Songs On Yes 9012 Live The Solos

1. Hold On
2. Si
3. Solly’s Beard
4. Soon
5. Changes
6. Amazing Grace
7. Whitefish
8. City of Love
9. It Can Happen

I think you’ve got to be a big fan of Yes to want to go this deeply into their recordings.


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