Jess Roden Live At The Robin 1996

Live At The Robin is a live album by Jess Roden and the Humans. It was recorded in 1996 at the Robin, a pub that had regularly live events in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK.

Jess Roden Live At The Robin

Jess Roden Live At The Robin

Set List

  1. When I Call Your Name – 6:08
  2. So Fine, So Young – 6:24 (from the Jess Roden & The Humans album)
  3. Cool Water – 4:58
  4. I Live The Life I Love – 8:36 (from the Jess Roden & The Humans album although it’s called Love The Life I Live)
  5. Let Me Love You Baby – 8:37
  6. If You Reallly Want Me – 7:09
  7. You’d Better Believe It – 4:39 (from the Jess Roden & The Humans album)
  8. Before I Hurt Myself – 7:57 (from the Jess Roden & The Humans album)
  9. Rockin’ In The Free World – 9:05 (cover of the Neil Young song)

The Humans were:

Gary Grainger, guitar
Bill Burke, guitar
Nick Graham, bass
Leo Brown, drums

This is a harder rocking band than the Jess Roden band from the mid 1970s that appear on Blowin’ and Live At The BBC and the Humans lack the fuller sound provided by the saxophone, trombone and keyboards.

Roden remains in fine voice and there are no issues with the band who perform well.

Unfortunately this album which is good standing on its own is a poor substitute for those glorious live recordings from the 1970s.

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3 thoughts on “Jess Roden Live At The Robin 1996”

  1. I think the best album of Jess Roden will be his new “Anthology”. It’s a limited edition thats taken three years to produce, coming out of Pledgemusic, I’ve pledged and they keep giving you tasters of the tracks. They are phenominal, just blow me away, and because they are remastered the quality is just amazing. Amazing. And there’s some new stuff I haven’t heard before, really good. wow.

  2. oh and there’s a entire live CD. I was privileged to hear it sitting in a room with a professional sound system. I swear it was like being in a gig.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been waiting for Hidden Masters, the Jess Roden anthology to be released as well, ever since I first heard about the project a couple of years ago. I’ve also pledged and I was able to download the mp3s for The Substitue Bench, the bonus disc 6 the other day.

      I’ve also written about it here

      He is a fantastic singer and I particularly like the full sound of the Jess Roden Band.

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