Jess Roden Blowin’ 1976

Blowin’ is a live album of the Jess Roden Band. It was recorded at the Birmingham Town Hall and Leicester University in November 1976.

Earlier in the year, the Jess Roden band had released a live EP with three songs – Can’t Get Next To You, On A Winner With You & You Can Leave Your Hat On.

I remember hearing this on the John Peel late night show on BBC Radio 1 and my love affair with the music of Jess Roden started. I never tracked down the EP but I bought Blowin’.

Jess Roden Blowin’

Jess Roden Blowin'

Set List

  1. The Ballad Of Big Sally (originally on the studio album Play It Dirty Play it Class)
  2. In A Circle (Keep Your Hat On)
  3. Desperado (this is a cover of The Eagles song and appears on the Keep Your Hat On album)
  4. Me And Crystal Eye (Play It Dirty Play it Class)
  5. Blowin’ (Keep Your Hat On)
  6. Jump Mama (Keep Your Hat On)
  7. Blowin’ Reprise (Keep Your Hat On)

My copy of Blowin’ is on vinyl and I’ve never seen it released as a CD. All the songs are featured on the Jess Roden Live At The BBC album which was recorded at a  concert a couple of months later in January 1977. Unfortunately this is also hard to find.

The band were:

Jess Roden – Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Roberts – Guitar, Vocals
Steve Webb – Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Taylor – Saxophone
Chris Gower – Trombone
Billy Livsey – Keyboards
John Cartwright – Bass
Pete Hunt – Drums

Unfortunately I don’t have a turntable to play my vinyl album at the moment so I can’t make many comments.

I played it a lot. Whatever my mood, Blowin’ seemed to do the trick and made me feel better. I snapped up the CD of Live At The BBC as soon as I saw it as I was continually looking for the CD release of the first live album.

Buying Jess Roden Blowin

I don’t think the album has ever been released as a CD but you can find old vinyl copies.

It is available from

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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