Jethro Tull Paris 1975 Minstrel In The Gallery 40th Anniversary

Paris 1975 is a live recording of Jethro Tull in concert which has been released as part of the 40th anniversary package for the Minstrel In The Gallery album.

It was recorded at the Palais Des Sports in Paris (France) on 5th July 1975.

There is a 2 CD and 2 DVD issue which includes the studio album and audio and video of the concert plus a collection of extras. The mp3 version is limited to the studio album plus a few extras and the live concert.

Jethro Tull Paris 1975

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Songs On Jethro Tull Paris 1975

Introduction – 0:56
Wind Up – 3:01
Critique Oblique – 4:05
Wond’ring Aloud – 5:16
My God (Including; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree/Quartet/Living In The Past/My God – Reprise) – 11:34
Cross-Eyed Mary – 4:05
Minstrel In The Gallery – 9:24
Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day) – 4:39
Bungle In The Jungle – 3:17
Aqualung – 9:41
Guitar Improvisation – 3:29
Back-Door Angels – 6:06
Locomotive Breath – 11:50

Bursting Out is the main live album by Jethro Tull but that was recorded in 1978 and we’ve really needed something from the early 1970s. This is a big move in the right direction although I’d have liked a longer performance. Had they really stopped playing Thick As A Brick at this stage?

The sound is very good and Tull sound lively as I listen to it on Spotify. I think I’m going to have to add it to my collection.

I really hope JT find more archive live releases from the early 1970s when they were such an innovative band. There is still a big gap between the 1970 Isle Of Wight performance and this one in 1975 that deserves to be filled.

Unfortunately Amazon have done the nasty trick of combining reviews for the original Minstrel In The Gallery album, various released and this much extended special edition with the Paris concert.


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Sadly the only way to get the entire mp3 download of the Paris concert is to buy the entire album. Both My God and Locomative Breath clock in at 11 minutes plus but aren’t available as separate downloads at Amazon or iTunes.

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