Alice Cooper A Fistful Of Alice 1996

A Fistful Of Alice is a live album by Alice Cooper recorded in June 1996 at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It includes guest appearances by Slash, Sammy Hagar and Rob Zombie.

This album has also been issued under the title of Alice Cooper Live at Cabo Wabo ’96.

Alice Cooper A Fistful Of Alice

Alice Cooper A Fistful Of Alice

A Fistful Of Alice Set List

Unfortunately Alice Cooper has issued different versions of this album in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan. And perhaps other places too.

This is the set list on the album I’ve got in my collection – the UK version.

  1. School’s Out – 4:21 (featuring Sammy Hagar – from the album Schools Out)
  2. Under My Wheels – 3:29 (Killer)
  3. I’m Eighteen – 3:47 (Love It To Death)
  4. Desperado – 4:10 (Killer)
  5. Lost in America – 4:14 (featuring Slash – The Last Temptation)
  6. Teenage Lament ’74 – 3:28 (Muscle Of Love)
  7. I Never Cry – 3:53 (Alice Cooper Goes to Hell)
  8. Poison – 4:50 (Trash)
  9. No More Mr. Nice Guy – 3:01 (Billion Dollar Babies)
  10. Welcome to My Nightmare – 4:59 (Welcome to My Nightmare)
  11. Only Women Bleed – 6:48 (featuring Slash – Welcome to My Nightmare )
  12. Feed My Frankenstein – 4:29 (featuring Rob Zombie – Hey Stoopid)
  13. Elected – 5:00 (featuring Rob Zombie) (Billion Dollar Babies)
  14. Is Anyone Home? – 4:21 (studio recording made especially for this album)

The US version loses Under My Wheels and No More Mr. Nice Guy but gains Billion Dollar Babies.

This is a good set list that mainly focuses on his early 70s glories. Unfortunately it’s only around the 60 minute mark depending on which version you can get. Since they weren’t struggling to fit within the single CD limits, this makes it strange that there are different versions around the world.

Here is what Alice Cooper looked and sounded in 1996 performing Elected from this concert.

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Buying A Fistful Of Alice

To help you to find the album quickly and easily, I’ve given you the following links:

It’s still worth checking around on the websites to make sure that there isn’t a more up-to-date or less expensive option.

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