Rory Gallagher Live At Montreux 1975 to 1985

Rory Gallagher Live At Montreux is a live compilation album and DVD By Rory Gallagher.

The CD has been compiled from his recordings at famous annual festival in Switzerland in 1975, 1977, 1979 and 1985.

The DVD includes more songs and also a performance from 1994 and some of his acoustic blues recordings.

Rory Gallagher Live At Montreux

Songs On Rory Gallagher Live At Montreux

The CD

1. Laundromat
2. Tore Down
3. I Take What I Want
4. Bought and Sold
5. Do You Read Me
6. The Last of the Independents
7. Fly Off the Handle
8. Mississippi Sheiks
9. Out on the Western Plain
10. Too Much Alcohol
11. Shin Kicker
12. Philby

The songs were recorded as follows:
1975 1 & 2
1977 3 to 5
1979 6 to 10
1985 11 & 12

The purpose of this website is intended to be a focus on live albums but I can’t ignore the fantastic DVD.

Disc One

  • 1975: 1. Tattoo’d Lady 2. Garbage Man 3. Cradle Rock 4. Tore Down 5. Laundromat
  • 1977: 6. I Take What I Want 7. Calling Card 8. Secret Agent 9. Bought And Sold 10. Million Miles Away 11. Do You Read Me 12. Pistol Slapper Blues
  • 1979: 13. Shin Kicker 14. The Last Of The Independents 15. Mississippi Sheiks 16. Too Much Alcohol 17. Shadowplay
  • 1985: 18. Bad Penny 19. Moonchild 20. Banker’s Blues 21. Philby 22. Walking Blues

Disc Two

  • 1994: 1. Continental Op 2. Moonchild 3. I Wonder Who 4. Loop 5. Tattoo’d Lady 6. I Could Have Had Religion 7. Ghost Blues 8. Out On The Western Plain 9. Amazing Grace 10. Walking Blues 11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 12. Off The Handle 13. Messin’ With The Kid 14. I’m Ready
  • Acoustic Tracks:
  • 1975: 1. Pistol Slapper Blues 2. Too Much Alcohol
  • 1977: 3. Out On The Western Plain 4. Barley Grape & Rag / Pistol Slapper Blues 5. Going To My Hometown
  • 1985: 6. Walking Blues

The DVD has received a lot of praise and, if you’re a serious fan of Rory Gallagher, it is essential since we can no longer see the great man perform live in concert. I’m not normally a fan of concert DVDs but there are some exceptions.

As for the CD, it’s always good to hear Rory Gallagher perform live in concert. My only problem is that I recommend that anyone new to Rory Gallagher should start with Irish Tour 74. Then it becomes a question of just how many Rory Gallagher live albums you want to own.


Buying Rory Gallagher Live At Montreux

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