Iggy And The Stooges Metallic KO / Metallic 2X KO 1973 1974

Metallic KO is a live album by Iggy And The Stooges.

The original album was the first half of the October 6, 1973 performance at the Michigan Palace in Detroit and the second half of the February 9, 1974 performance at the same venue.

The album Metallic 2X KO has the full sets from both shows.

Songs On Iggy And The Stooges Metallic KO

The original album

Raw Power – 5:34
Head On – 7:28
Gimme Danger – 6:56
Rich Bitch – 10:30
Cock In My Pocket – 4:07
Iggy Talks – 3:34
Louie Louie – 3:34

The double album Metallic 2X KO

Disc 1 1974

Heavy Liquid – 3:24
I Got Nothin’ – 4:29
Rich Bitch – 11:46
Gimme Danger – 8:12
Cock in My Pocket – 7:08
Louie Louie – 3:41

Disc 2 1973

Raw Power – 5:47
Head On – 8:30
Gimme Danger – 7:11
Search and Destroy – 8:44
Heavy Liquid – 9:52
Open Up and Bleed – 3:55

While the performance is stirring and you can see why this album was hailed as a major inspiration for British punk rock, the sound is poor.


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