Tommy Bolin Best Of Live 1972 to 1976

Best Of Live is a compilation of live recordings made by Tommy Bolin between 1972 and 1976. It has been released as part of the 40th anniversary of his excellent studio album, Teaser.

This releases separately the two live CDs that are part of Teaser – 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Boxset.

Tommy Bolin Best Of Live

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Songs On Tommy Bolin Best Of Live

Teaser – 6:02 (originally from the album Teaser)
People People – 8:01 (Teaser)
The Grind – 3:19 (Teaser)
Wild Dogs – 9:20 (Teaser)
You Told Me That You Loved Me – 5:09 (Private Eyes)
Stratus – 5:22 (from Bill Cobham’s album Spectrum that Tommy Bolin played on)
Post Toastee – 10:34 (Private Eyes)
Hoka-Hay – 10:32
Homeward Strut – 4:24 (Teaser)
Shake the Devil – 4:35 (Private Eyes)
Marching Powder – 13:02 (Teaser)
Lotus – 6:18 (Teaser)
Homeward Strut – 10:04 (Teaser)
You Know, You Know – 4:34
Crazed Fandango – 7:17
Post Toastee – 13:29 (Private Eyes)
Walk In My Shadow – 4:07

I think these are the sources:

  • 1972 Energy – Hoka-Hay
  • 1974 Ebbets Field Tommy Bolin playing with his former Energy band – Stratus, You Know You Know, Crazed Fandango, Walk In My Shadow
  • 1976 May 13 Ebbets Field – Homeward Strut
  • 1976 May 22 My Father’s Place – Teaser, People People, The Grind, Marching Powder, Lotus
  • 1976 Albany September 19th or 20th – You Told Me That You Love Me, Post Toastee
  • 1976 September 22 Northern Lights – Wild Dogs, Shake The Devil, Homeward Strut, Post Toastee

We’ve got two repeats – two Homeward Struts (from May and September 1976) and two versions of Post Toastee (both from September 1976).

Since both the 1974 Ebbet Field and the 1976 My Father’s Place recordings are hard to get at a reasonable price in the UK, this makes this live compilation very attractive. I couldn’t resist it as soon as I saw it.

As you’d expect, the guitar breaks and solos are excellent but you might be surprised at what a good voice Tommy Bolin has. There is plenty of saxophone from Norma Jean Bell that also plays straight into my preferences.

Inevitably with a live compilation that goes across different bands, venues and years, there is a different feel as it jumps between gigs. That’s only a small price to pay for gaining access to these terrific performances.

If you want to get to know Tommy Bolin, this is an excellent place to start although the studio albums, Teaser and Private Eyes are excellent.


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