Glenn Hughes Live In Wolverhampton 2009

Live In Wolverhampton is a live album by former Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Trapeze member Glenn Hughes. It is also available as a DVD.

It was recorded in June 2009 only a few miles away from where Hughes was born in 1952.

It also gave him a chance to play a proper tribute to Trapeze and their guitarist Mel Galley who died in July 2008.

Glenn Hughes Live In Wolverhampton

Songs On Glenn Hughes Live In Wolverhampton

CD 1 Glenn Hughes solo career and Deep Purple

  1. Muscles And Blood – 5:38 (originally from the album Hughes/Thrall)
  2. You Got Soul – 5:38 (Music for the Divine)
  3. Love Communion – 6:04 (First Underground Nuclear Kitchen)
  4. Don’t Let Me Bleed – 12:09 (Soul Mover)
  5. What’s Going On Here – 6:01 (Burn by Deep Purple)
  6. Mistreated – 19:51 (Burn by Deep Purple)
  7. Crave – 5:14 (First Underground Nuclear Kitchen)
  8. Hold Out Your Life – 5:55 (Hughes/Thrall)

CD 2 Trapeze

  1. Way Back To The Bone – 6:54 (originally on the album You Are the Music…We’re Just the Band)
  2. Touch My Life – 6:02 (Medusa)
  3. Jury – 9:30 (Medusa)
  4. Coast To Coast – 5:50 (You Are The Music)
  5. Seafull – 7:55 (Medusa)
  6. Good Love – 4:37
  7. Your Love Is Alright – 14:53 (Medusa)
  8. Medusa – 7:55 (Medusa)
  9. You Are The Music – 7:32 (You Are The Music)
  10. Black Cloud – 8:40 (Medusa)

The second set has six of the seven songs from the 1970 Trapeze album called Medusa and three from their 1972 follow-up You Are The Music.

It’s interesting to see the cover of Deep Purple’s “What’s Going On Here” but I’d have liked to have seen some of the songs from Deep Purple’s Come Taste The Band included on the first set.

This is one of those albums that the more you play, the more you will like. Only Mistreated is a well known song to the general rock fan thanks to its presence on Deep Purple and Rainbow albums. The rest get better with familiarity but the sets are hard to categorise. Parts are rocky, parts are funky and parts soulful as Trapeze fans will expect.

It’s well performed and Hughes is in fine voice.

Your friends who only hear the album once may think you’re crazy but you’ll know that you’ve found something special.

If you only want to rock hard, pass on this album and try one of the others.

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