Thin Lizzy Live At The BBC 1971 to 1983

Live At The BBC is a collection of live recordings made by the BBC of Thin Lizzy performing live in concert and in the studio.

It comes in two versions:

  • a 2 CD set (this page)
  • a 7 disc boxset which has 6 CDs and a DVD

Thin Lizzy Live At The BBC

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Songs On Thin Lizzy Live At The BBC

CD 1

Look What The Wind Just Blew In (Sounds Of The Seventies, 1971) 4:25
Whiskey In The Jar (John Peel Session, 1972) 5:51
Saga Of The Ageing Orphan (John Peel Session, 1972) 3:37
Things Ain’t Working Out Down At The Farm (Live In Concert, 1973) 7:40
Suicide (Live In Concert, 1973) 4:27
Vagabond Of The Western World (John Peel Session, 1973) 4:23
Gonna Creep Up On You (John Peel Session, 1973) 3:20
Randolph’s Tango (John Peel Session, 1973) 3:45
Slow Blues (John Peel Session, 1973) 5:31
The Rocker (Bob Harris Session, 1973) 5:10
Little Girl In Bloom (Bob Harris Session, 1973) 4:36
Showdown (Rock On Session, 1974) 4:38
Little Darling (Bob Harris Session, 1974) 3:07
Black Boys On The Corner (John Peel Session, 1974) 4:12
Sitamoia (John Peel Session, 1974) 3:14
It’s Only Money (John Peel Session, 1974) 2:43

CD 2

She Knows (John Peel Session, 1974) 5:09
Sha La La (John Peel Session, 1974) 3:35
Philomena (Bob Harris Session, 1974) 3:40
Still In Love With You (Live In Concert, 1974) 5:1
Baby Drives Me Crazy (Live In Concert, 1974) 4:20
Rosalie (John Peel Session, 1975) 3:14
Half Caste (John Peel Session, 1975) 3:48
Jailbreak (John Peel Session, 1976) 4:03
Cowboy Song (John Peel Session, 1976) 5:12
Don’t Believe A Word (John Peel Session, 1976) 2:44
Johnny (John Peel Session, 1976) 4:14
Bad Reputation (John Peel Session, 1977) 2:46
Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In A Spotlight) (John Peel Session, 1977) 3:19
Renegade (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1981) 6:17
Killer On The Loose (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, 1981) 5:37
Cold Sweat (Live at the Regal Theatre, 1983) 3:30
The Boys Are Back In Town (Live at the Regal Theatre, 1983) 4:52

It’s so easy to get focused on the Thin Lizzy of Jailbreak and Live & Dangerous that you can forget the band had been together for a few years before they hit the big time with The Boys Are Back In Town.


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