Bauhaus Press the Eject And Give Me The Tape 1981 1982

Press the Eject And Give Me The Tape is a live album by Bauhaus.

The album brings together recordings made from three concerts In England:

  • Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool on 31 October 1981
  • Hammersmith Palais in London on 9 November 1981
  • Old Vic in London on 24 February 1982

Later bonus tracks came from:

  • Le Rose Bon Bon in Paris on 3 December 1981
  • Fagins in Manchester on 28 October 1981

This captures the time when new wave music was turning towards goth rock and before indie and alternative rock developed.

Bauhaus Press the Eject And Give Me The Tape

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Songs On Bauhaus Press the Eject And Give Me The Tape

  1. In The Flat Field – 4:27
  2. Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores – 5:14
  3. Dancing – 2:33
  4. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes – 3:41
  5. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – 9:35
  6. The Spy In The Cab – 4:06
  7. Kick In The Eye – 3:37
  8. In Fear Of Fear – 2:51
  9. Hollow Hills – 4:11
  10. Stigmata Martyr – 3:34
  11. Dark Entries – 4:28
  12. Terror Couple Kill Colonel – 3:41
  13. Double Dare – 5:47
  14. In The Flat Field – 4:13
  15. Hair Of The Dog – 2:47
  16. Of Lillies And Remains – 3:28
  17. Waiting For The Man – 4:27

These were recorded at the following venues:

Old Vic, London – tracks 1, 2, 5, 9
Liverpool – 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
Hammersmith Palais, London – 4
Paris – 12 to 16
Manchester – 17

The sound quality isn’t as good as we’d like so, if you’re thinking of buying it, I recommend that you listen to the mp3 samples first. I think it’s acceptable and, in a strange way, the lack of audio clarity, helps the mood.


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