Mott The Hoople Fairfield Hall Live 1970

Fairfield Hall, Live 1970 is a live album by Mott The Hoople.

It was recorded in Croyden in the UK on 13 September 1970.

This is recorded well before David Bowie rescued them with the hit single All The Young Dudes.

One track from the concert, Keep a Knockin’ was previosly included on the Wildlife studio album released in March 1971. Their producer, Guy Stevens didn’t think the rest of the concert was good enough and their plans to release a live album were postponed.

In retrospect, it looks like Guy Stevens was wrong as the album has its own charms. It finds them rocking hard but without the brutal attack of the 1973/74 Mott the Hoople Live.

Mott The Hoople Fairfield Hall Live 1970

Songs On Mott The Hoople Fairfield Hall Live 1970

Ohio – 5:00
No wheels To ride – 7:45
Rock and Roll Queen – 5:18
When My Mind’s Gone – 6:42
Keep ‘A’ Knocking – 8:28
You Really Got Me – 8:55
Long Red – 4:22
The Original Mixed Up Kid – 4:37
Walking With a Mountain – 7:08
Laugh At Me – 5:46
Thunderbuck Ram – 4:42

While Mott The Hoople had plenty of personnel changes in their later years, this was the original group from their formation in 1969.

Playing on the album are:

Ian Hunter – vocals, guitar, piano
Mick Ralphs – guitar, vocals
Verden Allen – organ, vocals
Pete Overend Watts – bass guitar, vocals
Dale “Buffin” Griffin – drums, vocals


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