Sex Pistols Live at Winterland 1978

Sex Pistols Live at Winterland is a live recording of the famous British punk rockers.

It was recorded in San Francisco on 14 January 1978 within three months of the release of their debut studio album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.

Sex Pistols Live at Winterland

Songs On Sex Pistols Live at Winterland

God Save the Queen – 3:27
I Wanna Be Me – 3:20
Seventeen – 2:08
New York – 3:30
EMI – 3:19
Belsen Was a Gas – 2:10
Bodies – 3:28
Holidays in the Sun – 4:07
Liar – 3:00
No Feelings – 3:02
Problems – 4:14
Pretty Vacant – 3:25
Anarchy in the UK – 3:15
No Fun – 6:43

There are plenty of dodgy live recordings of the Sex Pistols in the 1970s but this is one of the better examples of what they were like live on stage.

If you’re a fan of the Sex Pistols, you obviously need Never Mind The Bollocks but I also think you need a live album to understand their full intensity.

I was a fan back in 1977 as I preferred The Clash and still do. I remember that the Sex Pistols studio recordings sounded live and nasty but they sound much more acceptable these days.


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