The Teardrop Explodes Peel Sessions Plus 1979 to 1982

Peel Sessions Plus is a collection of live in the studio recordings of The Teardrop Explodes made by the BBC between 1979 and 1982.

There are sixteen tracks in total and their sources are:

  • Tracks 1 to 4 from John Peel Session 2.10.79
  • Track 5 from Mike Read Session 16.10.80
  • Tracks 6 to 8 from John Peel Session 16.04.80
  • Tracks 9 to 11 from BBC Session (exact date unknown but sometime in 1981)
  • Tracks 12 & 13 from Richard Skinner Session 13.08.81
  • Tracks 14 to 16 from Kid Jensen Session 27.06.82

The Teardrop Explodes Peel Sessions Plus

Songs On The Teardrop Explodes Peel Sessions Plus

Ha Ha I’m Drowning – 3:43
Went Crazy – 2:52
Brave Boys Keep Their Promises – 2:23
Chance – 2:02
Reward – 3:00
Thief Of Baghdad – 3:14
When I Dream – 4:21
The Poppies In The Field – 4:46
Like Leila Khaled Said – 3:01
The Culture Bunker – 3:24
Pure Joy Wins Out Again – 1:51
Better Scream/Make That Move – 3:51
Bent Out Of Shape – 2:58
Log Cabin – 3:11
Buchanan – 3:50
You Disappear From View – 2:56

The Teardrop Explodes only recorded two studio albums in their prime – Kilimanjaro and Wilder – and I haven’t seen an in concert live album so these in the studio recordings are as close as we can get.

Lead singer Julian Cope went on to produce plenty of interesting albums afterwards but I can’t see that he revisited the Teardrop songs and recorded them live with a later band.


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