Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip 2005

Live On Sunset Strip is a live album by power pop group The Raspberries recorded in 2005.

It comes in two versions:

  • The Deluxe Version contains the entire 21-song concert on 2 CDs, plus a bonus 5 track DVD
  • The Standard Version has 13 songs recorded from the concert.

The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip

The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip album cover

Set List – Deluxe Version shown but I’ve marked down the tracks on the standard CD. For some reason, the running order is very different between the two versions.

CD 1

  1. I Wanna Be With You – 3:45 (Standard) (Fresh)
  2. I Can’t Explain – 2:30 (Cover of The Who classic)
  3. Play On – 3:13 (Starting Over)
  4. Tonight – 4:06 (Standard) (Side 3)
  5. Should I Wait – 3:58 (Standard) (Side 3)
  6. Nobody Knows – 2:26 (Standard) (Fresh)
  7. Makin’ It Easy – 3:48 (Side 3)
  8. Come Around And See Me – 3:43 (Raspberries)
  9. If You Change Your Mind – 3:45 (Fresh)
  10. Let’s Pretend – 4:06 (Standard) (Fresh)
  11. Last Dance – 3:23 (Side 3)
  12. Needles and Pins – 2:27 (written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. and originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon. Made famous in the UK by The Searchers)
  13. I Can Remember – 8:01 (Raspberries)
  14. Party’s Over – 4:19 (Standard) (Starting Over)
  15. Don’t Want To Say Goodbye – 5:12 (Standard)

CD  2:

  1. Overnight Sensation [Hit Record] – 6:22 (Standard) (Starting Over)
  2. Hard To Get Over A Heart Break – 3:58 (Standard) (Side 3)
  3. I Don’t Know What I Want – 4:28 (Standard) (Starting Over)
  4. Ecstacy – 4:16 (Standard) (Side 3)
  5. I’m A Rocker – 6:41  (Standard) (Side 3)
  6. Go All The Way – 4:36 (Standard) (Raspberries)

DVD 3:

  1. I Wanna Be With You – 3:40 (Fresh)
  2. Tonight – 3:42 (Side 3)
  3. Overnight Sensation [Hit Record] – 5:38      (Starting Over)
  4. Ecstacy – 3:50  (Side 3)
  5. Go All The Way – 4:34 (Raspberries)

The set pulls from all four of the Raspberries studio albums and also includes a couple of classic power pop covers.

Here are some videos of the Raspberries performing in concert.

Go Your Own Way

This is a preview video for the album

Performing the Eric Carmen solo hit All By Myself (not on the album)

What Others Say About Live On Sunset Strip

This 2005 recording of an unfashionable power pop band was recorded in 2005 and released in 2007. I’m sure you’re not surprised to read that I haven’t seen it on any best live albums lists.

The feedback from the Amazon reviewers is terrific


Buying This Raspberries Live Album

You can get the different versions from Amazon.com  – Amazon.co.uk  – iTuneseBay

I recommend you take the time to listen to the mp3 samples, the sound is terrific.

What Do You Think About Live On Sunset Strip?

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