The Plimsouls Live Beg Borrow & Steal October 31 1981

The Plimsouls Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal: October 31, 1981 Whisky A Go Go is an archive released live recording by high energy power pop band The Plimsouls.

It was released in 2010, twenty two years after the first live album by the Plimsouls called One Night In America.

The Plimsouls Live Beg Borrow & Steal

Songs On The Plimsouls Live Beg Borrow & Steal October 31 1981

Hush Hush – 2:44
Shaky City – 2:46
Lost Time – 3:25
Inch by Inch – 2:30
Sorry – 2:15
Now – 2:58
Women – 3:12
A Million Miles Away – 3:32
I’ll Get Lucky – 2:40
Zero Hour – 2:41
I Want You Back – 2:28
Everyday Things – 2:18
Jump, Jive & Harmonize – 2:43
Come On Now – 3:47
Dizzy Miss Lizzy – 2:50
New Orleans – 3:27
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! – 2:54
Run Run Run/Who Do You Love? – 4:37

The Plimsouls are generally regarded as a power pop band but this album strays well into melodic, energetic rock & roll territory.

I’ve read criticisms about the sound quality. While it’s not brilliant, I think it’s well into the acceptable zone for a live recording from the early 1980s. However different people have different standards and I always recommend people listen to the mp3 samples available at


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